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MA Italian and Philosophy

UCAS code: RV35

Duration: 4 years

Delivery: Full-time

School: Literatures, Languages and Cultures

College: Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Study abroad

Introducing MA Italian and Philosophy

One of Europe's most creative and diverse civilisations, Italy has a fascinating and influential history.

Studying Italian and Philosophy, 这一直是西方知识分子生活的核心,500 years, helps us understand the contemporary world, as well as shedding light on the past.


700全讯白菜一起学习意大利语,你将在意大利文化的背景下学习这门语言. 课程涵盖了一些最著名和最有影响力的文学、艺术和电影作品.

No previous knowledge of Italian is needed. Intensive language tuition, including a year spent studying or working in Italy, will develop your ability to read, 高水平的写作和口语能力,以及高级的翻译技巧.


学习哲学可以让你清晰地思考一些伟大的哲学问题, disciplined and systematic manner.


  • 向你介绍过去和现在的一些伟大哲学家的思想

  • 阐明了人类经验的不同领域之间的联系

  • 让你更加意识到构成你信念基础的假设

Why Edinburgh

700全讯白菜7003全讯吧哲学学院有着深厚的历史渊源. 亚当·弗格森和威廉·汉密尔顿爵士都是700全讯白菜以前的学生.

Italian has been taught here since 1919, and has been part of our tradition for many years, as far back as the 18th century.

700全讯白菜在苏格兰是独一无二的,在四年的荣誉课程中为学生提供一整年的海外学习机会, 不管你是在学习还是工作.

四年制学位在学习内容上也给了你更多的选择和灵活性. In Years 1 and 2, you will choose option courses from a range of disciplines, then specialise as you move through your honours years.

Year 1



You will also take classes on Italian:

  • history
  • literature
  • arts


Year 1 philosophy courses introduce you to key topics in:

  • the history of philosophy

    • morality and ethics
  • the nature of argument

Option courses



Other options include, but are not limited to, courses in:

  • linguistics and language sciences

  • business, economics and informatics

  • politics, social policy and social anthropology

  • art and architectural history

  • history, classics and archaeology

  • Celtic and Scottish ethnology

  • philosophy, divinity and law

Year 2


You will continue to study the Italian language.

You will also explore Italian literature, 从中世纪至今的历史和文化.



You will take two compulsory courses in philosophy:

  • Mind, Matter and Language
  • Knowledge and Reality

Option courses


其他课程包括欧洲语言和文化的选修课, allowing you to study literature, film and theatre in themed and comparative contexts.

Year 3

If international travel restrictions allow, you will spend Year 3 in Italy, 把课堂学习变成与意大利文化的生活接触.


Whether studying or working, 700全讯白菜的毕业生告诉700全讯白菜,在国外的这一年让他们的生活经验和技能受益匪浅, 以及他们对意大利语言和文化的理解.

During your year abroad, 700全讯白菜的目标是确保你的经验对你的最后一年尽可能有益, as well as to your wider language learning, cultural awareness and skills development.

你将完成哲学和意大利语的规定工作. For example, for Italian you will take an e-learning language course, 这将被算作你三年级成绩的一部分,为你四年级的语言课程做准备.

If international travel is not possible, 你将有另一种方式与你的主题进行互动, 让你达到你的学习成果,为你的最后一年做准备.

Year 4

你将把高级语言课程和你选择的专业课程结合起来, honours-level option courses in Italian and Philosophy.

For Italian, 这些课程通常涵盖了一系列的主题和时期, from Dante to modern cinema and avant-garde literature.

You will also complete your dissertation or long essay.

Programme structure


让你们对这个课程的学习内容有个大概的了解, we publish the latest available information. 但是,请注意,这可能不是针对你入学的学年,而是针对不同的学年.

Programme structure (2022/23)

Our facilities

On campus

When you are on campus, 你可以期待你的大部分时间都花在7003全讯白菜的中心区——在课堂上, in the library, or in one of the University’s many social spaces.

中心区域位于7003全讯吧历史悠久的老城区的边缘, surrounded by lots of green space.

Take a virtual tour of the Central Area

Libraries, collections and centres

研究馆藏中心位于主要大学图书馆,在英国是独一无二的. The centre brings together a collection of more than 400,000本珍本书籍和6公里长的档案和手稿. 它还收藏了大学的艺术、历史乐器和其他物品.

The Library also holds academic books, journals and databases for the study of Italian, 包括《7003全讯吧伽达研究杂志》等在线资源.

这所大学自1583年建校以来一直教授哲学. 700全讯白菜在这方面的收藏和图书馆的藏书是广泛的.

Events and activities

7003全讯白菜学生协会(EUSA)支持300多个学生领导的社团和俱乐部, including the Italian Society, 并通过志愿服务中心促进与当地慈善机构合作的机会.

从在语言咖啡馆交朋友到在全球问题上竞选, these student-led groups offer lots of ways to engage.

Founded in 1871, 7003全讯吧哲学社团是7003全讯白菜历史最悠久、持续运营的学生社团,也是英国最大、最活跃的哲学社团.

工作人员和学生编辑在该在线杂志上用九种欧洲语言(包括意大利语)发表创意文章, Babble. Launch nights typically include readings and performances.

The city

Edinburgh is a world-leading festival city. 它是佛罗伦萨的孪生兄弟,到处都是电影院、剧院、画廊、图书馆和收藏品. 其中包括苏格兰国家图书馆收藏的大量意大利手稿和书籍.


Study abroad


This is your chance to immerse yourself in Italian culture. 它会让你获得更广泛的生活经验和技能,你可以在大学毕业后使用.

What are my options for going abroad?

How will I learn?


  • lectures
  • seminars
  • tutorials
  • e-learning

How will I be assessed?

你将通过考试和课程作业相结合的方式进行评估, which may include a Year 4 dissertation.

Skills and experience

将一门语言与哲学结合到学位水平表明你是一个很好的沟通者, a resilient problem solver, 对其他文化和新思想持开放态度的人——这就是雇主所看重的跨文化能力.

除了语言和批判技能,你将在这个联合荣誉项目中发展, 你会对历史上的其他文化和社会有细致入微的了解, 从7003全讯白菜毕业的四年制文学硕士学位显示了高水平的智力力量和灵活性.

当你毕业时,你能够向雇主展示的技能包括理解能力, analyse and articulate complex concepts, and to work to varied briefs to deadline, both independently and in groups.

Opportunities at home and away

With its long and rich history, 意大利继续蓬勃发展,成为地中海地区的文化和科学强国.

它是欧盟的创始成员国,也是国际机构的成员, including the UN, NATO, and the Council of Europe. 意大利是世界上第八大名义经济体 GDP in the world.

Our graduates can be found in every kind of career, 尤其是那些重视自律和想象力思维的公司. 无论你身在何处,你的技能都会让你脱颖而出.

Within the private, public, not-for-profit, and for-benefit sectors, previous graduates have gone on to career pathways in:

  • business, finance and commerce

  • 通讯、市场营销、广告和公共关系

  • education, outreach, advocacy and training

  • journalism, broadcasting and media

  • leisure, tourism and travel

  • politics, policy work, diplomacy, civil service and law

  • publishing, culture, heritage and the arts

  • research, development and venture acceleration

  • translating and interpreting

Further study

在四年的课程中,你将获得更强的研究技能, particularly in your honours years, 如果你想继续在研究生阶段学习,这是有价值的资产吗.

At the University of Edinburgh, we typically offer:

  • Masters by Research degrees in Italian and Philosophy

  • Taught MScs in Philosophy, including online programmes

  • 比较文学和媒介学跨学科理学硕士课程

Careers advice

We have an excellent Careers Service. Throughout your time with us, 700全讯白菜将鼓励你识别和磨练你的就业技能, 包括通过同行倡议,如LLC(文学)之后的生活, 语言和文化),你可以从700全讯白菜的毕业生那里获得灵感.

Be inspired by our alumni

Standard entry requirement

The standard entry requirement is:

  • SQA 更高:S5期末AABB-ABBB或S6期末AAAB-AABB/ABBBB. BBB must be achieved in one year of S4-S6.
  • A Levels: AAB - ABB.
  • IB: 36 points with 665 at HL - 34 points with 655 at HL.

Minimum entry requirement


  • SQA Highers: ABBB by end of S6. BBB must be achieved in one year of S4-S6.
  • A Levels: ABB.
  • IB: 34 points with 655 at HL.

More information for widening access applicants

Required subjects


  • SQA: Highers: no specific Higher subjects required. 国家5级:B级英语和C级英语以外的一门语言.
  • A Levels: no specific A Level subjects required. 普通中等教育证书:B或6分英语和C或4分英语以外的语言.
  • IB: HL: no specific subjects required. SL: a language other than English at 5 and English at 5.

Additional requirements

Language requirement

对于有英语以外语言科目要求的学位, 学生可以不用自己的母语来满足这一要求. 在这些情况下,英语或母语以外的其他语言都是可以接受的.

Find out more about entry requirements

International applicants


Entry requirements by country

International Foundation Programme


International Foundation Programme

Mature applicants


Mature applicant qualifications

你必须证明你的英语语言能力水平将使你在学习中取得成功, regardless of your nationality or country of residence.


For SQA, GCSE and IB students, 除非在规定的入学要求中指明更高的水平, 下列职系或以上的英语成绩必须及格:

  • SQA National 5 at C
  • SQA Standard Grade at 3
  • GCSE at C or 4
  • Level 2 Certificate at C
  • IB 标准程度达5级(不接受英文从头算)

English language tests


  • IELTS Academic: total 6.5 with at least 5.5 in each component.
  • TOEFL-iBT (包括家庭版):总共92个,每个组件至少20个. 700全讯白菜不接受TOEFL MyBest Score来满足700全讯白菜的英语语言要求.
  • C1 Advanced (CAE) / C2 Proficiency (CPE): total 176 with at least 162 in each component.
  • Trinity ISE: ISE II with distinctions in all four components.
  • PTE Academic: total 62 with at least 54 in each component.


从你申请学习的学位开始算起,英语语言资格证书必须不超过三年半, unless you are using IELTS, PTE Academic, TOEFL or Trinity ISE, in which case it must be no more than two years old.

English language requirements



请注意,有些课程没有Discover Uni的可用数据.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for MA Italian and Philosophy

Additional costs

只要国际限制允许,你将在意大利度过第三年. 花费将取决于你决定去哪里,以及你如何利用你的时间.

Some study placements at language schools may charge a fee, 但只要你的活动被批准,700全讯白菜通常会报销你的学费. 你将负责相关的旅行费用,如机票和签证.



Fees and funding